Saturday, March 20, 2010

Keep Moving!

Both the Peninsula Delaware and Eastern Pennsylvania Conferences have begun a well-ness program in their group insurance plan known as “Virgin Miles.” Participants in the program get a pedometer that connects to your computer. Every few days or so you download the results of the pedometer on your computer so you can track your progress. The idea behind this pedometer is to “keep moving.” I got my pedometer back in November and in just a few days I noticed the difference it makes in my health: more energy, clearer thinking, all together better health. I hope that everyone who got a pedometer will use it. Better health means better ministry but also less claims on our insurance and that means better stewardship of God’s money.

“Keep Moving” not only works for our bodies but for our ministries as well. We need to keep moving with new ideas, new people, new outreach opportunities. The first two letters of the word “Gospel” are “G-O.” We need to GO in order to spread the Gospel. Psalm 96:1 says “Sing to the Lord a NEW Song.” Keep moving….don’t get in a rut…exercise your creativity and potential. God is always doing a new thing. If you keep moving God will be doing that new thing through you!

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