Monday, June 4, 2012

I am Thankful

I am thankful for the many wonderful ministries that are happening in the Philadelphia Area. 

A surgery team just arrived home from the Congo.  This group of hearty people brought an eye surgeon with them and they were able to perform many cataract surgeries giving sight to people who otherwise would have no hope.  

One of our pastors was called by the police this week to help coax a man off of a bridge who was about to commit suicide.  The suicidal man asked for that pastor to come because he and his church were the only people who had ever reached out to him.  With this intervention many lives were saved.

Another pastor went to the Hell’s Angels Biker convention recently and ministered one-on-one to bikers and shared about the love of Jesus.  He explained to them the Word of God in ways that they could understand. 

Another church is supporting a ministry in South Africa and they are purchasing a vehicle to enhance this life-giving ministry of hope.

Another church raised $6,000 for “Imagine No Malaria” in a “Beat the Bug” event. 

Every day I hear of good things that are happening in the name of Jesus Christ in the Philadelphia Area.  I thank God for every remembrance of you!