Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Daffodils in the Snow

An early spring snow reminds us that winter has decided not to leave quite yet.  This week there was snow on the daffodils and the contrast was striking.  Winter and spring were colliding but the next day, when the snow had moved on, the daffodil was looking as chipper as ever. Winter can’t stop spring from coming.  Death cannot overcome life ultimately.  That is the promise of Easter: life aftear death.  And not just life that will eventually die in the fall, but life everlasting that goes on forever.  While we live here on earth we face death every day: death of relationships, death in the form of brokenness and sadness, sickness, and evil.   It is not going to last.  Life is going to win in the end.  We got the word from Jesus as he rose on Easter Sunday and it is a sure thing!

So spread life around wherever you see death.  Brush the snow off the daffodils, help people who need to some encouragement and sustenance.   We have exchanged our life for Christ so be “little Christs” out in the world bringing resurrection to places of despair and loss.  It is in our power to do something, even something small every day.