Monday, March 9, 2009

One Great Hour of Sharing

On March 22, 2009 we in the Philadelphia Episcopal Area have a chance to participate in the annual One Great Hour of Sharing campaign.  Through this offering we enable the United Methodist Church to be there when an emergency happens anywhere in the world, and to be the hope of Jesus Christ to those who are suffering great loss.

One Great Hour of Sharing is how we fund the primary functions of the United Methodist Committee on Relief.  The World Service Apportionment does not go to fund this important ministry, this offering does.  Gifts to this offering underwrite UMCOR’s ongoing business and enables them to keep their promise of making sure that 100% of designated gifts go to those projects.  It is a fact that without a good response to this yearly offering much of what UMCOR does to bring a compassionate response in time of crisis could not happen.

Your gifts will ensure that the United Methodist Church will be there with hard working families who are affected by storms or war, disaster or disease.  Please join with Christians throughout the connection in this important work.

Bishop Peggy A. Johnson

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