Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Memorial Stones

When the Israelites finally crossed into the Promised Land they passed through the Jordan on dry land (Joshua 4).  Joshua instructed the people to appoint one person from each tribe to take a stone out of the riverbed and to make a monument out of these stones to remember the miracle of the parting waters and the miracle of their entry into the Promised Land.  Taking time to remember important milestones an important part of life.  This coming week we celebrate Memorial Day and remember all those who sacrificed in service to their country.  We remember the goodness of God, who has provided for us and cared for us in countless ways.  We remember God’s salvation through Jesus Christ.  We remember God’s promises to us for eternal life and God’s never failing presence.  When you remember something you Re-Member it….you give it a body.  It comes alive through your memory.  As we remember we need to bodily live the promises of God in our words and actions in the world and our remembering will be worthwhile. 
Bishop Peggy A. Johnson

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