Monday, September 7, 2009

Thank You for Remembering

I was listening to a news show on NPR and the interviewer was talking to a man who had lost everything in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina. The first thing the man said in the interview was “thank you for remembering.” We have now passed the 4th anniversary of this tragic storm (August 29, 2004). Coming up is the 8th anniversary of the tragedies at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon (September 11, 2001). For many these events are over and done with and life has moved on. For many there are still devastating effects that make life never again the same. Some people in New Orleans still are without homes and jobs due to the storm. Some people who suffered on 9/11 have suffered physical and mental anguish that is still as real as it was eight years ago.

Remembering is important. It means we “Re-Member”…putting a body, a person, a life in our mind as we ponder these events. Remember by continuing to send work teams to rebuild homes, remember by helping people who are still in pain and grief, remember with your prayers. Christ stands with those who suffer and Christ uses you to extend His hands of love and support.

Bishop Peggy A. Johnson

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