Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A New Thing!

Isaiah 43:19 says “I am about to do a new thing: now it springs forth, do you not perceive it?” God is a God of new beginnings and new life. Over 200 years ago at Old St. Georges Church a sad act of racism caused a group of African American Methodists to leave the service and begin a new denomination. Mother Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church was started by Bishop Richard Allen because at the Methodist Episcopal Church there was racism and rejection. On Oct. 25th there will be a reunion of the two churches in a joint morning worship service at OId St. Georges. This will be the first time they have come together in over 200 years for a Sunday worship. Rev. Alfred Day (pastor of St. Georges) and Rev. Mark Kelly Tyler (pastor of Mother Bethel AME church) deserve much credit for their work to bring about this day. This reunion is a part of St. George’s 240th church anniversary and the 250th birthday celebration of Bishop Richard Allen. What seemed like an impossible thing years ago is now coming to life before our eyes. God is doing a new thing. May this day of unity and worship be just the beginning of better relations and understanding. May the racism and evil of the past be put totally behind us. May even newer and better things happen among us in the future.

Bishop Peggy A. Johnson

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