Wednesday, January 13, 2010

You Did It Unto Me (Re: Earthquake in Haiti)

Matthew 25 reminds us as we give to those in need it is the same as giving to Jesus. We have an important opportunity to bless Jesus this week. The earthquake in Haiti has just made the poorest nation in the world more poor and the suffering is unbelievable. Please take an offering this Sunday at your churches and places of ministry for the Haiti Relief (Advance #418325 – Checks can be sent through the conference offices). May God use this crisis to make a blessing happen on the island. When the eyes of the world are on them may the resources begin to flow in new and better ways. Most importantly PRAY for all those who are affected by this crisis and for the many emergency workers.

Bishop Peggy A Johnson

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  1. We are still waiting for word on the status of groups from the Trenton Area, specifically Shiloh Baptist, whose Pastor has a connection to our Tioga UMC church here in Philadelphia. We are in constant communication with WIMG 1300 in Trenton, and will relay any information that becomes available. Continued prayers for all of the Missionaries and Support Staff.