Monday, February 13, 2012

The Greatest Love

The sudden and sad passing of singer Whitney Houston reminded me of her first hit song in 1985 “The Greatest Love.”  The point of the song was “learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all.”   The song was about self-esteem that carries us through hard times in life.  On this Valentine’s Day 2012 I would suggest that learning to love yourself is often a challenge for us.  The Bible teaches that we are to love our neighbor as our self.  That almost assumes that love of self is unquestionable.  But, is it?  Many people spend their lives feeling unworthy, not-good-enough, or unlovable.
The source of true love is God.  God is our creator and giver of every good gift.  As we experience the unconditional love of God we are able to truly love ourselves and others too.  We can help people love themselves by demonstrating the love of God in big and small ways.  We become mirrors of God’s image in every act of kindness and justice.  

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  1. Self love is so important! I was so happy to find your blog as I felt lead to blog Effort UMC VIM Team Hope to Joplin this coming weekend. As I have been buried, desperately tring to learn how to blog.. I became concerned about content and access and links- any rules? Pastor Robin is so busy and have a call into Susie Keenan- but you are the boss- so I thought you could direct me? Thank you for all you do!! Nita Nydam- Effort UMC. my email is or call me? 570-656-7288- blog address is