Monday, February 23, 2009

The Greatest Resource

Every day as I listen to the radio while I am driving I hear constant talk about the economy and the lack of money in just about every area of life.  Indeed we need money to operate and resources that money can buy to do the work of the Lord.  But money is truly not our greatest resource.  It is one of the means to accomplish the work of spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ and making disciples, but it is not the main resource.  The greatest  resource costs nothing, is accessible to all people at all times, can move mountains, can stop rain from falling for three years, can heal spiritual and physical illnesses, can repair broken relationships.  The greatest resource is often acknowledged as important but for the most part not used or used only during a crisis.  This greatest resource is one of the few things that all people of faith in every tradition can agree.  What is the greatest resource? PRAYER.

As we begin the season of Lent I call everyone to prayer…prayer each day.  Give God your praise, your thanksgiving, your confessions and your petitions.  While you pray take time to listen to God’s quiet voice of direction and wisdom.  Pray expecting answers!  Pray boldly!  God is an awesome God who inhabits our prayers!

Beginning March 1st I am praying for a different district in our area each week especially but will be praying for all of the churches, pastors and members every day.  If you have any specific prayer requests please send them to     Also, remember to report back the answers to prayers so we can give God the praise.

Bishop Peggy A. Johnson

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