Monday, February 16, 2009

Stimulus Package

This week the senate and congress are working on a stimulus package to boost the nation’s economy in what appears to be one of the worst financial slumps in US history.  There is no question that our churches have felt the impact on the many lost jobs and diminished stocks.  Many people stand in need of the help of the church at this time.

An important thing to remember is the discipline of tithing, not just now but always.  Malachi 3:10 clearly calls us to give tithes (10%) and offerings (gifts above and beyond the tithe)    Jesus alludes to it in Matthew 23:23 as well.  How many people actually tithe in our churches?  How many of our pastors tithe?  People tell me that they cannot afford to do this.  I agree that this can be a stretch but isn’t that the meaning of faith?   When we depend on God for something we cannot see or logically figure how it is going to work out: that is faith!  I have never met anyone who tithes who has any regrets over it. On the contrary tithers report that God has always taken care of their needs when they trusted God with their money.  When you tithe you bless people in need with that money and you are not burdened with unnecessary  material things in your life.  Most importantly it shows where you heart is.  Jesus says you cannot love both God and money.  You trust one or the other.  When you tithe you are showing God that your trust is in God.

Can you trust God with your money?   Try tithing….try it for even a month and see if God will not take care of you.  It can be a new step in a deeper walk of faith with the Lord.

Bishop Peggy A. Johnson

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