Thursday, July 30, 2009


Racism is still a part of our world. Recently I have seen some glaring examples: some children experienced racial remarks and discrimination at a swimming pool in Huntingdon Valley. Dr. Henry Gates, a Harvard professor, experienced racism as he struggled to prove to police officers that his house was his house. Last Sunday in Cambridge, MD, the statue of Harriet Tubman was covered with racial slurs. We need to pray for all of those involved in these incidences. Pray for healing and understanding and that those who have racist attitudes can change. As a church we should not tolerate this kind of thing and need to speak out against it whenever we see it happening. Diversity education must be continually offered so that people can be made aware of the causes and effects of racism. Both EPA and PDC offer classes. “Healing the Wounds of Racism” and “Nurturing Wholeness and Community” are scheduled every year. I encourage every lay person and clergy to attend these events.

Bishop Peggy A. Johnson

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