Monday, July 6, 2009

World Population Day

July 11th is “World Population Day” according to the United Nations. This year the theme is “Fight Poverty: Educate Girls.” United Methodists have been doing that kind of mission work for centuries. Some of the first missions schools that were founded in India and Korea were established to educate girls and young women. The United Methodist Church is still about the business of educating females and this is one of the best ways of eliminating poverty and disease on our planet. The United Methodist Women have taken the lead on ministries to women and children for over 135 years. They have missions in over 100 countries. Girls and women are taught to read and write, learn a trade, learn how to care for children, and learn how to prevent diseases like HIV/AIDS. Both of our conferences are having Schools of Christian Mission this summer (Pen-Del: July 9-11 and Eastern PA: July 23-25) Learn more about how we do missions and make a difference in the world.

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  1. Bishop,

    This is the 20th anniversary of world population day. the aim of this day is to raise awareness so the population explosion can be brought under control. It's very nice to see that bloggers are trying very hard to make this day a really meaningful one by blogging about this serious issue and raising awareness.

    best wishes.