Monday, October 25, 2010

Everything You Are

Last night I attended a musical praise event at Barratt’s Chapel. Composer John Thompson and his group “The Reminders” sang a new song with words that ring so true:

If you really want to praise Him then don’t wait till Sunday morning
He can hear an “Alleluia” in the choices that you make
Everything you do can be act of worship
Everything you are can be a song of praise

When all of life is praise we live like Easter people….celebrating life in the midst of a world of death and complaining. When we live like that people can see Jesus in us. It stands out as a beacon of light. I saw a store checker waiting on a very difficult customer in the line ahead of me. The checker was extremely kind and patient to the customer who was mean and unreasonable. In the end the transaction was complete to the customer’s satisfaction (after the checker complied with the customer’s demands with kindness). I gave God the glory for that checker as she was Christ in that food store.

And you can tell people about what Jesus means to you too. Live Jesus but witness to him too. Richard Foster writes “It becomes easy in our sophistication to miss the simplicity of inviting people to Jesus Christ. We do not need elaborate plans or erudite speeches. We need only love.”

Be the love of Christ and tell about it. It’s that simple.

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