Monday, November 1, 2010

Spiritual Direction

Living a life of Christian discipleship is a journey. When we travel to a new place in our car it helps to have a road map, a GPS, or someone in the passenger seat who knows where you are going. Once I was preaching at a three point circuit and the pastor of the church led me to each church. This car in front of me did not just show me the way, it was the way. In a spiritual journey it helps to have a guide. The art of Spiritual Direction can provide useful resources, feedback and training that will assist you as you engage in spiritual disciplines. Spiritual direction has been around for centuries and many of the great saints of the faith have engaged in some form of direction. The Apostle Paul served as the spiritual director of Timothy, his son in the faith. John Wesley’s ministry benefited from the spiritual direction of Peter Boehler. Peter taught John that he needed to have a relationship with Christ and not just live by a code of conduct. He encouraged Wesley to “preach faith” until he had it.

There are many spiritual directors in our area. There is an international website that has a directory of directors from all over the world. The website is:

I have a spiritual director and I find the time I spend doing this to be a great blessing.

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